What’s most important to you in life beyond your health and your basic needs? The answer most coaching experts get most often is relationships with the opposite sex. But how people enter them blindly. They generally know what they want: an awesome lover, a family with three kids and the white picket fence, but they have no clue how to get there.
What is the result? Break-up after break-up and divorce after divorce. Where is the manual which teaches women how to deal with men? Where is the detailed report on how to communicate with a man and have your desires met?
Female readers always consult coaching experts over and over with their break-up stories. A critical thing is that you need to understand the male mind so you can help yourself. Coaching experts can’t be there on site for you all the time.
Give a woman a man, he stays in love for a month. Show her how to understand a man, they stay in love for a lifetime…or something like that!
Guys get away with tons of stuff in relationships because you let them! Strip men of their power and render them helpless until you have gained what you desire. Then, and only then will we power him up again.
Sounds pretty simple huh?
Sometimes we can’t find our soul mate. We don’t live in a vacuum. We all have baggage and outside influences. This makes knowing how to deal with men very important, so baggage can be handled without contempt.
One woman had ever shared her story of a seven-year relationship she had to end because of her parents’ influence. She came from a Jewish family and her parents would not accept her dating a non-Jewish man. Talk about outside influence!
By acquiring the blueprint to the male mind, you will be able to handle all your baggage. You will learn how to get a man to reciprocate the love you show him.
Men are simple creatures and, in general, we all think the same way. Dating coaches have studied interpersonal relationships and have examined this. You can’t talk to a man like you talk to your girlfriends — and yet you do! Women bring their complicated emotions, nurturing and poor lack of timing right to their man and they get nowhere! Not only that, contempt builds and your guy is running off to spend more time with his friends.
This behavior continues and snap—you’re single again and your self-esteem takes another blow.
It doesn’t matter how well you treat a man. If you don’t learn his playbook, you will fail! What goes on inside his small brain, how he communicates and how he loves you will always be susceptible to emotional abuse and games. Here more dating advice is available to you to understand men more deeply: http://www.myedate.com/article/index.html

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